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We don't sell eBooks online, we prefer to give them away for free, all we ask is a valid email address so we can send updates of any new additions to our eBook collection

My name is Steven Jackson and I am a network marketing leader with a well established business spanning the world. During that time I have been jotting down my experiences and knowledge so I could share it with my team. An interesting development of creating eBooks is that it helps to concentrate the mind and help me understand the best methods and secrets to network marketing success.

Who is the creator and author of the free online library eBooks?

Steven Jackson has been an entrepreneur, network marketer, online marketer, eBook author, podcaster and a doTerra Wellness Advocate for many years. He feels it ticks all the boxes for him and gives him the financial freedom and the global independence he has always desired, which means he can choose where and how he lives and works.

He has achieved his goals and much more with his globally developing team of passionate and motivated leaders and distributors in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia, who are on the journey of a lifetime while building a sustainable business.

Steven has proven to himself and the people that love and admire him that this it is not just about being in the right place at the right time. It is also about having the ability to duplicate success for all the people in his team and then repeat it over and over again.

Steven helps people all over the world to make positive changes in their lives everyday by helping them achieve their goals, make extra money and gain more personal freedom to live the life they desire.

However, before success knocked on Steven’s door, he likes to remind everyone, that life was not always so easy. He recalls, there was a time when things were so bad that he was sitting on the floor of his apartment with nothing but a single lamp and an old TV, eating roast chicken out of a bag. Steven said, “well it is easy to look back with nostalgia and say it was a learning experience and I guess it was because we were happy, as the Monty Python's sketch goes”. He saw these times as a place of reflection and even though he did not believe he was anywhere near the bottom, the bottom does have a habit of creeping up on you.

The early days….

Steven Jackson has been very lucky because he has the support of his lovely wife Anja who herself has been involved many years ago in network marketing with great success. This has allowed her understands how difficult but rewarding this business is. However, even in our darkest days we had faith that we could achieve big things as long as we really desired success.

The free online library eBooks on this page is just an example of how his success has been achieved and what the possibilities are available to anyone who wants success.

What type of free online library eBooks are we offering?

All free eBooks will be online marketing, network marketing and personal development related subjects. They will all be original and solely written by Steven Jackson.

Free online books download overview

Below I have written a short overview of the six eBooks available for downloading. The six eBook will be delivered as a zip file to save space when downloading. If you have any issues in relation to downloading or opening the the eBooks, reach out to me on the form below.

How to make money by selling essential oils online?

The first eBook explains how network marketing and selling essential oils has changed over the last 20 years. In my opinion, embracing this new world order is a must for network marketing success.


The fact is that the essential oils business is booming and so selling essential oils from home is also making money for people for the first time

People are more and more interested in natural remedies for common ailments just because they smell nice. But people coming into this industry for the first time are asking how to sell essential oils as a business? Is there a way for you to be a part of this massive growth in natural health and wellness?

I don't want to say that the best and easiest way to make money from essential oils is to create an online business, but it is one of the options which will allow you to automate your business. The tried and tested method of creating relationships and making contact still has a massive influences in the world of marketing aroma oils.

Using a MLM lead generation system and get paid to blog daily

One of my main network marketing success tips is to create a continuous flow of warm leads to your list and then periodically reach out to them. This eBook explain simply how to move that system online and save yourself time and energy.


As many network marketers have realized, the industry is changing, so I have been hammered home to my downline the concept of how to generate leads organically online

Unfortunately, most are stuck in a belief that their close friends are going to support them. Sadly, apart from very rare situations, most of our important partners will come from online platforms.

During a recent podcast I heard a MLM leader tell a new distributor why they should be making warm leads list of everyone they know. I fully understand the reason for the list, but I am not fully convinced that it works anymore.

How to create a mindset to success in your MLM business

This eBook will give the reader some personal insights into running a home based MLM business. It is totally understandable when someone joins a network marketing business for the first time, so achieving the right mindset is crucial for success.


As I remember, before I had a network marketing mindset, it was massively frustrating to work hard at building my business

We have all been there and somehow at one point in our network marketing careers or in this case my Doterra careers, we suddenly realize, “What am I doing wrong?”

There is lots of the information available in books and online explaining how to run a MLM business and in must cases the training is great, however they often forget to mention the most important factor that makes one person successful and someone else not.

Readers Reviews

Why is creating a blog to make money in MLM a must?

Blogging has become the backbone to working online and for the last 20 years a valuable tool for the network marketer. This eBook shares the benefits of running your MLM business online and how to avoid the pitfalls.


I was asked by a friend, Can you get paid to blog in MLM?, I said, I'm not sure and ended up exclusively blogging my network marketing business to success

When I first started network marketing a thousand years ago it was all about speaking to everyone at arm's length, attending meeting is hotels and asking people for coffee so you could share your business presentation to a new prospect.

I still believe old school methods work and I know people who do very well from this personal and direct sales model of marketing, however about 20 years ago things started to change when the birth of the online marketer started to appeared online. I have to say at the time I did not fully understand what they were doing and why they were so successful at whatever it was they were doing.

Is starting life over after losing everything the key to success?

This eBook is a personal story of my journey towards internet network marketing success. Everyone has a story to tell and for all its good, bad and ugly success come from bouncing back from those time of discourse and challenges.


Losing everything and starting again is not something that happens overnight, it is a downward spiral that happens when we least expect it.

My name is Steve Jackson and this is my story of how I lost everything and found myself in running a network marketing business. My journey was not easy or even that enjoyable at the start, but ultimately the most existing experience in my life. If you would like to learn how to start over with nothing in network marketing.

How to find remote side jobs working from home on computer?

If you are a stay at home parent, unable to work in a traditional job or simply want a little extra money from work at home this eBook will answer all your questions


Online remote part time jobs have become the future of the home business industry, this has helped many people start work for the very first time

The first time I heard it was possible to get a job online at home I was so exited because I was living in the middle of nowhere. Even though I was working away in the nearest town it would sometimes take an hour or so to get to work. Most of my weekends were free so I decided to take a look at a few home businesses and jobs just to make some extra money and something to pass the time.

I really had no expectations, but I enjoyed working online and the idea that I could make extra money was so cool. In my mind I felt that I could earn more so I could travel more. In addition, I could see that if it was possible to do online jobs from home, I could also work online when I traveled and lived else where. So, the thought of working almost anywhere with a internet connection motivated me to find something that would tick all the boxes for me.

Main benefits

Main benefits to downloading our eBooks on network marketing success tips

Original content

These eBooks are totally original, written by Steven Jackson for the benefit for network marketers, online marketers and home based business owners who are looking to take their businesses to the next level.

Fresh ideas

Steven Jackson has been in the online and network marketing industry for many years and has seen the changes. In that time he has realized that thinking out of the box is the key to success, which the eBooks reflect.

True insight

If you are new to the industry or a long time professional new and interesting insights to how to run your business better is never a bad thing. These eBook will offer something for everyone.

Regular updates

Once you have subscribed to this page you will receive new and interesting eBooks giving you lots of great information to help and support your business, better than ever before.

How to download my network marketing success tips eBooks?

Once you have added your name and email address on the form below you will be sent six free eBooks in a zip file. And a new offering once a month until you unsubscribe to this service.

If you have any questions about our network marketing success tips please do not hesitate to get back back me.

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